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Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Imprinted Concrete is the most popular option for homeowners considering a new driveway as it is relatively cost-effective whilst being hard wearing. However, as those who've had it laid discover, it's not maintenance free. However, unlike block paving there are no joints for weeds to take hold in and as moss and algae only grows on the surface, they can easily be cleaned off with our powerful jet washing equipment.

If the driveway is only cleaned and not sealed, it can look tired quite quickly and will lose colour over time; the concrete may look "patchy" or bare if this occurs. We can add colour tints, which are available in a variety of colours, to the sealer which can restore the original colouring.

We can restore old imprinted concrete to make it look like a new surface and seal a newly laid driveway to keep it looking good for the long term. There is only a slight onus on the homeowner to wash down the driveway with a garden hose perhaps once a year and grime and algae will be washed away. 

We offer a full range of restoration treatments for imprinted concrete drives and patios:

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Concrete sealing
  • Re-colouring
  • Minor crack repairs
  • Removal of oil stains
  • Applying new mastic to expansion joints 

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